Ride the Chariot

Ride the Chariot Sopran

Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho

Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho alle Stimmen

Sing Praises Halleluja!

Sing Praises Halleluja! Sopran 1
Sing Praises Halleluja! Sopran 2
Sing Praises Halleluja! Alt
Sing Praises Halleluja! Tenor
Sing Praises Halleluja! Bass

How can I keep from singing?

How can I keep from singing

For those whose English is not really the yellow from the egg: Text mit korrekter Aussprache:

How can I keep from singing? Aussprache

Nobody like Jesus

Nobody like Jesus Altstimme

Gloria a Dios

Gloria a Dios Altstimme

The River of Jordan

The River of Jordan Altstimme

Your Love

Your Love Altstimmensolo in der 2. Strophe

Just a Closer Walk

Just a Closer Walk Altstimme
Just a Closer Walk Sopranstimme


Good News

Good News Sopranstimme
Good News Altstimme
Good News Tenorstimme
Good News Bassstimme

Freedom is Coming

Freedom is Coming Sopranstimme
Freedom is Coming Altstimme
Freedom is Coming Tenorstimme

What can i do

What can i do Sopran
What can i do Alt
What can i do Tenor
What can i do Bass